The 5 Day Support Local Music Challenge

local music challenge9457Want to support local music and have some fun doing it? Welcome to the #fivedaysupportlocalmusicchallenge

Here’s what we’ll be doing for the next 5 days.

Day 1 – Support Local Music
Day 2 – Support Local Music
Day 3 – Support Local Music
Day 4 – Support Local Music
Day 5 – Support Local Music

Okay so the way this works is you sign up to take the 5 day challenge. Use Facebook or Twitter and pick a band you love or at least like a lot. This is about supporting the band you choose for that day but it doesn’t necessarily mean spending money(although that would be nice too). You can support by buying some music or posting about the band on social media. When you select your band for the day and make your post be sure to include a tag to two of your music loving friends and they’ll get to join in on the 5 day Support Local Music Challenge. Make sure you and they tag Northwest Music Scene on Facebook,  Twitter and/or Instagram also be sure to include the #fivedaysupportlocalmusicchallenge hashtag. We’ll be retweeting and sharing to our various social media sites.

Also, the band doesn’t have to be a small band, pick who ever you want but remember the small bands or artists  need our help the most. We love Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden as much as the next fan but they get lots of help. Just keep that in mind is all we are saying.

Of course this idea was borrowed from some of the other popular challenges you’ve likely seen like the Black & White photo challenge and more, we just thought it would be cool to put a different spin on it.

Make sure to use this hashtag where ever you post #fivedaysupportlocalmusicchallenge and let’s have fun with it!

And to simplify matters, here is a sample Tweet for you:

Day 1 of #fivedaysupportlocalmusicchallenge, I’m supporting “Band Name” and I’m challenging “Friends Name” to join me. @NW_Music_Scene

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