TBASA releases Whoa Whoa Ma featuring Hope from Ever So Android

The Hyper BullyOn October 10 Seattle DIY musician and Renaissance man TBASA released “Whoa Whoa Ma”, the first song from his forthcoming 15th album The Hyper Bully and he’s calling it the best song ever recorded. Check out the tune in the player at the end of this article.

Citing abrasive guitar rock bands like Polvo, Dinosaur Jr and Archers of Loaf as influences in one breath while revealing that he covers “Bell Biv Devoe and Paula Abdul “with my own special flair” in the next, TBASA is a musical renaissance man. In addition to tirelessly writing and recording his own original compositions, TBASA is a well-known local booker and promoter; a cartoonist and graphic novelist; a long-time contributor to music blog NadaMucho.com; and the bass player for KEXP favorites The Valley.

He was Idaho-weird long before Napoleon Dynamite, and that’s good for Seattle.” -Tom Scanlon, Seattle Times

“I’m certain that every rock writer and blogger Matt(Our friend at NadaMucho) sends this to will post it and talk about how awesome this song is,” said TBASA. “Who wouldn’t love a song that sounds like the Indie-rock nerdcore version of a Justin Timberlake song with highly personal and self-referential lyrics?”

A feel-good, faux-R&B song on an album as diverse as Seattle’s music scene itself, “Whoa Whoa Ma” features some tasty backing vocals from Hope Simpson of rising Seattle electro-rock duo Ever So Android and is available immediate to post, share, dream and stream via the artist’s bandcamp page https://tbasa.bandcamp.com/track/whoa-whoa-ma.

The Hyper Bully is TBASA’s 15th self-funded, self-recorded and self-released album in 15 years and according to our calculations, if he stays on this pace until 2019, he will be putting out his 20th. This album is a representation of his wide array of musical influences from hip-hop to guitar rock to electronica. The full album will be available on October 21. In the meantime check out the bitchin’ new single below.

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