Still no Takers for the Original “Angry Chair”

Angry Chair
Craigslist ad for the “Angry Chair”

Got an extra $1500 laying around? If you do and you are in the market for some furniture, some  dude down in Los Angeles alleges to have the infamous original “Angry Chair” used in the Alice In Chains video. If you need to ask which video, stop reading right here.

The Craigslist poster who claims to have worked as a PA on the video set and supposedly took the chair home after work one day. Ummm yeah okay.

The poster also says that this isn’t about money but that he wants to give it a good home. Asking $1500 for it sort of sounds like it’s about money but hey what do we know.

The music video for “Angry Chair” was released in 1992 as well as the single and the songwriting credit went solely to Layne Staley.

Here’s the Craigslist post:

For sale, the original ANGRY CHAIR from the famous ALICE IN CHAINS music video for their hit song “angry chair.” that’s right, this is the same angry chair sat in by none other than layne staley! own a piece of rock n roll history!

some background: i was a PA on the video way back when, and after the shoot wrapped, took the chair home. since then, it’s just been sitting in my garage collecting dust. i hate to sell it, but i need to downsize. plus i’m clean now and have two kids, and i’m just not as angry as i used to be.

the chair is perfect for sitting in and just raging out. a few dents, but in otherwise great condition.

$1,500 OBO — if interested, email with your favorite AIC album and why you think you’re angry enough for the chair. money isnt important to me, just want to give the angry chair a good home.

god bless and rock on


And here’s the “Angry Chair” video

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