Round Robin Jesus Hoots Family Discount Show February 27

If you missed The Jesus Rehab CD release show at the Sunset earlier this month, you’re in luck as they’re playing this Thursday at the Tractor with Julia Massey and the Five-Finger Discount, The Hoot Hoots, and Friends and Family.

Each band will split their set in two creating a kind of round robin effect which is pretty cool. When the night is only half over each group will have already played a few songs so those who need their beauty rest can leave early still having seen and heard a bit of everything. That’s good for me since I haven’t yet seen The Hoot Hoots or Friends and Family, and well, there are those who would say I need my beauty rest. I haven’t listened to either of them yet, but then, I like to experience things live first and see what kind of magic happens. If you’re curious though, there are links below.

Friends and Family tunes here
The Hoot Hoots tunes here

The Jesus Rehab and Julia Massey are always worth the price of admission. Here’s to hoping The Hoot Hoots and Friends and Family are as well.

Doors at 8:00. $6.00 cover.



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