Review/Interview: Madame Torment ‘Bad Girls Rhythm N’ Blues’

madametormentMadame Torment  ‘Bad Girls Rhythm N’ Blues’

Portland’s own, original, all female, hard rock band Madame Torment is a combination of punk, alternative and hard, heavy rock.  Sounding like a combination of Motley Crue, Ramones and Joan Jett, they have a rebellious attitude towards the main stream and have set themselves apart from your average, hard rock band. Their new single “Bad Girls Rhythm N’ Blues” is a heavy/ alt. song that is very provocative and flirtatious. Lead guitarist Erin Elizadeth rocks some solos, which she is tremendously good at . We got a chance to catch up with Madame Torment‘s fiery vocalist Elsa Faith and ask how the band is doing and what the fans can look forward to in the future.


 NWMS: How long has the current line-up been together?

Elsa: “Even though Erin (founder/lead guitarist) and myself, (co-founder/lead vocalist) formed this band in 2011, it was only in Spring 2013 that we had Ashley (bassist) & Camille (drummer) joined us. We decided to make our sound fuller, and in January 2014, we officially addedHellKatt (rhythm guitarist) to the line-up.”

 NWMS: Has the new lineup changed the sound of MT from where it was originally?

Elsa: “Other than having a fuller live sound, the new line-up still adhere to the MT’s rock n roll attitude. Erin & myself have always been the songwriters for MT. Our sound has developed because the both of us have grown to know one another, keeping in mind each others’ parts while writing”

These ladies are as flamboyant as they are talented.  Lead singer Elsa Faith has a sweet voice and can scream it beautifully, which makes them even more likeable. Singing and dancing since she was six, then picking up a guitar at 13, she has a great deal of confidence and strength. Her voice is also very seductive. Lead singers can make or break a band and she is making it impressively.  Lead guitarist Erin Elizadeth is fierce on that guitar.  She plays it like it’s a part of her.  She could solo an entire song and it would be awesome. Playing since age 17, she has mastered the hard rock guitar. I can tell she’s feeling it.

Ashley Luna plays a mean bass. This is a heavy rocking band so the bass player doesn’t just stand there and pick along. She has tenacious ability to be just as raging as everyone else. Hellkatt Elise,originally  a bass player wanting to join MT, learned how to play the rhythm guitar in 2013.  She plays excellent and fits right in and rounding things out is Camille Denny.  A tiny little thing and yet she pounds on those drums like a madwoman! Drumming takes a great deal of energy, especially in a hard rock band like this and she has it. I love the energy that this band has.  The music is so exciting, makes me want to scream along, jump around and throw the horns.

NWMS: The hard rock, all girl bands are not as common as their male counterparts, have you had any problems or negative reactions?

Elsa: “When bombarded with a lot of media garbage, some might think that having 5 hot chicks in a hard rock band is just a gimmick. Some have doubts that we can actually play, until they see us live or hear us. We are young, confident and have the go-getter attitude. All the feedback pushes us to strive harder into reaching our goals.”

NWMS: What do you find to be your general fan base age group?

Elsa: “Currently our fans are between the ages of 25 to 45.”

NWMS: Where do you want this band to go?

Elsa: “Our short term goal is to play out of Portland, which we are planning to do this Summer. Ultimately, there is no where else that we would rather be but the top.”

 NWMS: I understand that you are working on a new EP. When is it due out?

Elsa: “Our latest single, Bad Girl Rhythm N Blues (is now available on iTunes & Amazon) and we will be recording a couple more songs in April/May. Summer is when we plan to unleash this third EP”

An incredibly talented group of musicians, they have what it takes to be successful in the music industry and they’re beautiful too!

Watch out for the EP, it’s going to be a great one!

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April 24th with Prophets of Addiction and Toxic Zombie at Tonic Lounge Portland

May 9th with Sick of Sara and Meow & Friends at Ash St Saloon

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