Review: Bob Fossil’s Safety Meeting – If the Dick’s Deluxe burger were a CD

For the past 3 years, Bellingham-based party band Bob Fossil has kept the local music scene off-balance with masterful use of time-signature changes. “Safety Meeting” is Bob Fossil’s 3rd full length release and it happily continues on with that tradition. Elements of funk, alt, progressive and good ‘ol rock are mixed together to create a pleasantly diversified swath of songs. The best part of it all? It’s obvious that Kenny Clarkson (lead vocals, guitar), Corey Teply (keyboards), Alan Schellenberger (drums and percussion), Hank Miller (bass guitar) and Joe Canfield (guitar) are all having a blast doing it. Consider it their “secret sauce.” 

“American Baseball” is modern synth-pop storytelling. “Digital Tourists” has an easy-going groove with a sense of humor. “Vanity” is unabashed, melodramatic pseudo-sarcasm. “Marionette” is a catchy bipolar dance number. “Aftermath” is a tension-building, religious explosion. “N.B.” is condensed, testosterone-driven anger. “Molasses Stomp” is guitar-fueled glee. “Davenport” is an exhilarating race of surf-punk. “Pulpit” introduces gritty blues to pop rock. “Kansas” is a travelling circus turned mosh pit. “Tailor Made” is an athematic validation of life. (See “pleasantly diversified swath of songs” comment above.)

Safety Meeting is a comprehensive, solid offering with notable song-writing growth. If you’re looking for an album that generates a lot of imagery, from walking your girlfriend through the park to drinking beer with your single-buddies to driving home from work on a sunny Friday afternoon, this is it.

(Listen to a few songs from the album below via Bandcamp, and get more info about Bob Fossil at their website HERE.)

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