PREMIERE: Listen to “Dead Inside” by The Sins

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is “Dead Inside” from The Sins.

If you need something to get the blood pumping on this Halloween morning, this should do the trick. “Dead Inside” is a brand new song recently released from Seattle’s “Boy Band from Hell”, The Sins. The ripping new track is from their 20-song anthology Mr. Thicket’s Memoirs with all of the proceeds from the sales going to animal rescue charities.

A little history about the band:

The Sins emerged in 2000 as “NightMare Boy and The Seven Sins,” a post-punk entity inspired by early Brit-pop bands such as Sisters of Mercy and The Mission, U.K. (as well as American rock legends ranging from Danzig to The Doors). The Sins boldly paved their own musical path, combining the familiar sounds of the British punk past with their own edgy rock influences.

(Check out “Dead Inside” below via Bandcamp and get more info about The Sins at their website and on Facebook.)

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