PREMIERE: Listen to Cloud Person’s new EP ‘Caligula’

Since their formation in 2012, Seattle sextet Cloud Person have been many different bands. From their indie folk origins to their psych rock rebirth on 2016’s Apparatus, the band’s commitment to reinvention has remained steadfast. Their new EP Caligula dives deeper into psychedelic fuzz tones, vast instrumental passages and hypnotic harmonies that combine to create an epic stoner-rock , loyal to no sub-genre or standard song structure.

Founded and fronted by singer/guitarist, Pete Jordan, Cloud Person’s power is imbued with a vulnerability evident throughout their work. In “Get Me Out of This City,” Jordan sings with pained resignation about the stunting effect a small town can have on the expressive and unapologetic.

As Michael Fisher (solo guitar) and Dane Ueland (guitar/aux. vocals) join Jordan in creating their wall of sound, Mikkel Lee Myers’s (keyboard/aux. vocals) piano and synth lines create an elegant contrast, a haunting delicacy amidst a sea of distortion. Cameron Arneson (bass/aux. vocals) and Steve Straney (percussion) collaborate with extreme precision, as evidenced on the punkish romp, “Caligula”. Deftly arranged to allow for maximum volume while keeping the vocals front and center, Cloud Person’s message is felt and heard in equal proportion.

(Listen to ‘Caligula’ below via Soundcloud, and get more info about the band at their website HERE and on Facebook HERE. )

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