Premier: Watch ‘Last Days of the Summer’ from Low Hums

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is brand new video for “Last Days of the Summer,”from Seattle’s Low Hums. Rarely have we seen a more perfectly named and timed premier, in terms of the weather that is. As we are hoping beyond hope that we still have at least a few shreds of summer left, at least we have dreamy psychedelic tunes like this to get us through the next several months of “not summer.”

Jonas Haskins of Low Hums:

“Last Days of the Summer,” the first single from the new album Zzyzx, which is scheduled for an early November release, is a memory of times gone by. Place yourself at that time when you were looking at that 8mm footage dug out of the closet of some forgotten day with folks that are long gone. Life looks good, the sky is blue, the sun is out there is liquid water to swim in. Life is young and the possibilities are endless. Yet there is a sadness that you know will come. Just as the summer will turn to fall, and the harvest will begin, the flowers will die and everything that was green and alive will turn brown and die. But oh what a time they had!

The video for this was filmed mostly by Clyde Peterson, our long time partner in Art and Video. I filmed some of it, and we passed the camera around some at the beach. Definitely some elements of ‘rock video’ haha, some guitar playing or posing if you will. But it’s a music video so why wouldn’t you? The idea was to slightly mimic that 8mm footage you found of your grandparents when they were young, but in modern times.”

(Check out ‘Last Days of the Summer’ below via YouTube, get more information about Low Hums HERE and listen on Spotify HERE.) 

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