Portland Selfie Session #1 – Salvo Idly

Portland Selfie ProjectPortland Selfie Session #1 – Salvo Idly
From my smartphone to yours.

Enjoy the unique sounds coming from Portland, OR in this week’s Portland Selfie Session! Brought to you straight from the smartphone of musician/music-enthusiast Sarah DiMuzio.

For this Portland Selfie Session Sarah had the pleasure of working with and interviewing Jeremy and James, better known by their unique moniker Salvo Idly. Jeremy played a live version of their song “Real Good With Faces” off their brand new, debut album ’81 Days.’ Be sure to grab a copy for yourself over on CD Baby.


Salvo Idly – Real Good With Faces (A Portland Selfie Session)

How long have you guys been playing together?

“A year— a better part of a year. We’ve been working on this project two years I guess, kind of off and on. But last year it all kind of came together. We got the album out.” – Jeremy

Where does your name come from?

“Well it came from, well it was originally from this old poem that I wrote, we were just kind of reading through and we were like “this sort of fits the band” for whatever reason. I don’t know why.” – Jeremy

“Yeah we were like, we were back and forth on it for like a long time, and we just kept coming back to it. We kept coming up with other ideas, we had some okay stuff, but that, we just kept coming back to it and as kind of odd as it can be for some people, it’s just, I think when you hear the music it just kind of resonates with it and just works. Despite people not knowing what it means.”
– James

How was it to record ’81 Days’ all in James’ apartment?

“Uh, it was a learning experience for us all, it was fun. I’ve been recording stuff since I was in high school, so I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting around so that it was fun to kind of finally put all these tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years studying with different people and through trial and error myself, and kind of putting that all together in one like cohesive project. So we ended up pretty pleased with it in the end.” – Jeremy

What are your influences?

“I listen to a lot of classical music, so I think that came out a lot on the record, and also just an ignorance of good music, I just kind of taught myself everything I know, so it was like, I listened to God-awful music growing up before I found out about like cool bands or what music should be. You know, developed some taste, but a lot of it is just messing around on guitar and letting the guitar tell me what to do.” – Jeremy

“A lot of the time for me, as a drummer stuff I like to drum to isn’t necessarily music I like, or like to write or anything, so this project was a cool new thing for me cause I felt like I was kind of drumming and putting those skills to use on something I really liked musically, it wasn’t just kind of like put your chops to work kind of deal. So that’s a large part of the appeal for me.” – James

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Sarah DiMuzio

Sarah DiMuzio is a Portland based musician-music-enthusiast hybrid. On the musician side she is a singer-songwriter who releases music under the moniker Whim, and to date has one EP released titled "Small Infinity - EP." On the music-enthusiast side, she delights in seeing local shows, and has recently started a local music showcase titled Portland Selfie Sessions. The main idea behind the sessions is simplicity. Without the budget for filming equipment, or the knowledge to use said equipment, Sarah makes due filming sessions using her smartphone-- hence the name "selfie" sessions. You can check out her music at https://whimmusic.bandcamp.com, and you can learn more about Portland Selfie Sessions on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/portlandselfiesessions

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