London Tone Music 52×52 Brings Celebration The Triple Door April 30

52X52This Thursday April 30th at 8 p.m. The Triple Door theater will be hosting a one of a kind Northwest event that is the culmination of the year-long London Tone 52×52 project. The music business consulting firm, 2 Jeffs On Music and London Bridge Studios teamed up with the goal of signing and recording 52 artists to record 52 singles in 52 weeks.

We had a chance to talk with both Jeff Heiman, from 2 Jeff’s on Music, and co-owner of London Bridge Studios, music producer Jonathan Plum. They revealed that the criteria for the project was that everyone had to unanimously agree to each song and artist. With widely varying music tastes, it brings a very diverse group of artists together and as Jeff recently pointed out. “its almost like we ended up with 52 singles and 52 genres. Lots of these artists are familiar locally, but many are brand new and waiting to be discovered.”

Jonathan and Jeff said they felt the project was a labor of love right from the start. They started the project with about 15 songs ready to go, but soon found they were not nearly where they needed to be. There were some weeks they didn’t know how they were going to make it through, but they never missed a deadline.

Bringing this many artists together for one show promises to be a real treat.

Scheduled performers include Kim Virant, Andrew Joslyn, Susy Sun, Jessica Lynn, Kitt Bender, Eric Lilavois, Geoffrey Castle, Nolan Garrett, Rikk Beatty, Tobias The Owl, Smokey Brights, Will Jordan, Strong Suit, Before Cars, Vanowen, Whitney Lyman, Lions Ambition, Jovino Santos Neto, Spyn Reset, Philana Goodrich, Jeremy Serwer, Danny Pentin, Antoine Martell & Raymond Hayden.

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Tara Woods

Tara Woods is a northwest native who lives in Auburn, WA. She's always had a passion for music that she looks forward to sharing with all of you. While she considers herself to be a rocker at heart, over the years her musical tastes have branched out in all sorts of different directions. She likes to attend a few large concerts a year but she's always had a lot of love for the unique local music scene we have here in the northwest. Her focus for Northwest Music Scene will be just that, as she intends to really focus on up and coming musicians in the area.

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