Lightning Bolt from Pearl Jam now Available for Streaming at iTunes

pearljam-lightningbolt Pearl Jam‘s new release “Lightning Bolt” has struck.

Lightning Bolt provides us a much needed respite from daily deluge of the never-ending social media mind-fuck and major news media pumping of ridiculous pop stars and their insane behaviors.  And Thank God or whoever is running the show for that. The legendary grunge band’s 10th album isn’t officially out until October 15, but right now fans can hear the entire LP at iTunes.

Of course, PJ’s Eddie Vedder has been outspoken about the lack of substance with the current pop music landscape, especially lately after the ___________ Awards show that just aired a few weeks ago.  He says he prefer music that has real, live instruments. What a concept!

Let’s shut up now and listen: Click here to head to iTunes and listen the album in it’s entirety.



Eddie Vedder talks to Judd Apatow about Lightning Bolt


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