June Lineup for Mo’Jam Mondays at Nectar Lounge

Mo JamFrom the birth of the event in December 2013, bandleader/drummer Morgan Gilkeson has followed through with her vision of creating a “no holds barred” music session featuring talented musicians from the Greater King County.

Imagine an open platform for a performer, poet, horn player, or vocalist to reveal himself in rhythm and sound for an audience to witness and celebrate. Whether one is a master at his craft or honing his musical talent, Mo’ Jam Mondays is an environment conducive to free expression and creative improvisation.

Every session begins with a set featuring the Morganica Quartet along with that week’s highlighted guest artist. With little to no rehearsal, the vibe is purely organic. From the drop of a drumbeat to a sultry horn line, the sound lies within the collective capabilities of those on stage to elevate the musical atmosphere. During the set break, DJ Tibor sets the mood with his eclectic collection of funk and modern jazz while artists prepare to participate in the second set, which consists of a mash-up of musical spontaneity.

Mo’ Jam Mondays has continually featured well-known artists from Seattle and beyond. Some noteworthy names include Thomas Marriott, Jessie Sawyers, Steve Tressler, and Chris “C.D.” Littlefield among others. The Morganica Quartet is backed by Dylan Hughes and Marina Christopher on bass, Zach Zarrow on keyboard, Ian Hughes on guitar, and Morgan Gilkeson on drum kit.


6/2 Eugenie Jones // Vocals GET TICKETS HERE

6/9 Kareem Kandi // Saxe GET TICKETS HERE

6/16 Grace Love // Vocals GET TICKETS HERE

6/23 Joey Walbaum // Keys GET TICKETS HERE

6/30 Jacob Herring // Trombone GET TICKETS HERE

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