Introducing 50 Bands in 50 Days – Presented by GigTown


Welcome one and all to NorthWest Music Scene’s 2015 outing of our “[x] Bands in [x] Days” series. In 2014, we ushered in a new year of music with a daily countdown of 75 of our favorite bands from the Pacific Northwest. This year we decided to keep it to a more concise 50 bands, spanning the course of 50 days, starting on November 12th until the end of the year. In this edition of our annual local band showcase, you will find artists across the wide spectrum of musical creativity, all from the ever-diverse Pacific Northwest. Like previous years, you’ll find a little bit of rock, a little bit of metal, electronic music, hip-hop, and beyond.

We are excited to announce that for this year’s edition of our annual local band showcase, we have teamed up with GigTown, a brand new music app that is going to change how musicians and bands get connected. GigTown is a mobile app in which bands and artists can share their music, find paying gigs, and tap into their local scenes in fresh and exciting ways. For fans, the GigTown app allows them to put local music in the palm of their hands and support their favorite local bands in unique ways.

Much like last year, we want to hear from local bands with a passion for the art that they create. We’ll be taking submissions up until the end of November and all bands or solo musicians are eligible. The only requirement is that the bands sign up at GigTown, using our special referral code, “NWMS”. Trust us, you want to be signed up for this too, and here’s why: Any band or musician that signs up at GigTown before the end of January 2016 will receive $5 from every fan that shows up at their show and checks in using the GigTown app. So, say 52 people show up to your gig that’s paying 100 bucks, you essentially get a $260 bonus on top of that. Payments are issued via PayPal, so it couldn’t be easier. And like anything else, of course there’s a few rules. Click HERE for full details.

If you’d like your band to be considered, send an email to beginning with the subject line “50/50…”. Include any pertinent links, social media pages, website, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc., along with a short bio and a photo of the band, album cover, or some kind of graphic we can use in the article. Your chances of being featured will be greatly increased if you provide this necessary information. Recorded music readily available for listening online is required. The submission period closes on 11:59pm, December 1, 2015.

As always, the idea behind this series is to showcase the best and most hard-working underexposed local bands, because the nationally-renowned bands from the Pacific Northwest get plenty of visibility 24/7 from the more far-reaching music publications on the Internet. It’s important to keep in mind that this is not a ranked countdown in order of best to worst or vice versa, because let’s face it, we have a shit-ton of talent in the northwest, and it’s incredibly difficult to pick one band over another, so we choose to avoid it for this local showcase.

With our massive social reach, the talent from the local music scene, and with help from GigTown, we’re going to take this showcase to the next level.

(GigTown is available for free download on your cellular device of choice, be it iPhone or Android. Remember to use the “NWMS” referral link when signing your band up.)

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