Help Save a Vital Part of Seattle Music History

Help Preserve The Seattle Sound At London Bridge Studio
The long-beloved, globally-adored “Seattle Sound” is made up of many elements, and one of the most noteworthy is in the of how music is recorded at London Bridge Studio. 
20140217210111-Soundboard_V2-2_FPOWorld-changing, monumentally successful, and scene-defining recordings from Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Temple Of The Dog, Mother Love Bone, Blind Melon, Candlebox and 3 Doors Down were created in the warm “analog” cavern of Seattle’s London Bridge Studio. More recents bands include Fleet Foxes, Minus The Bear, Death Cab for Cutie,  Mary Lambert, Cat Power, Brandi Carlile, One Republic, 3 Doors Down, and so many other artists. The idea of a studio as a collaborative instrument is proven by London Bridge Studio’s track record with help from its vaulted ceilings, an expansive floor to ceiling brick wall the width of the room — and above all, the classic and extremely rare 1973 Neve 8048 Mixing Board.
The rich essence of our regionally-adored music has everything to do with the Neve. Over 2500 hours and several laborers were dedicated to hand wiring and fabricating the Neve Mixing Board.  Built in a way that is deemed to expensive in this digital age.  Now, the Neve needs to be completely refurbished to be accessible to the community for another 40 years.
The Neve which has been responsible in helping to make history with releases such as Soundgarden’s GRAMMY-winning Louder Than Love, Pearl Jam’s multi-platinum debut Ten, and countless influential recordings that account for a total of over 25 million records sold.  It has been in use nearly every day since its installation in 1985. Repairs are costly and have become more frequent.
London Bridge Studio owners Geoff Ott, Jonathan Plum, and Eric Lilavois have weighed seriously and discussed fervently their options for the Neve; the studio needs some help in keeping its big heart beating. 
“We came to the consensus that the Neve was simply too important to the Seattle music community to replace it,” said Lilavois, “Rather then rais our studio rates and outrpice most of our local music community we’re inviting the comuntite to take part in the restoration to help ensure this board’s accesablity for another 40 years.”
Based on the feedback from the countless artists, musicians, and music fans familiar with London Bridge Studio’s rich historical significance Ott, Plum, and Lilavois believe that the community can come together and ensure the inspirational sound people love coming out of Seattle retains that intimate, history-soaked, expansive range and depth. Qualities that only recording at London Bridge with the Neve can provide. “The board is so warm sounding, it’s just built to make music,” Plum said. “The board is worth much more parted out then whole and there but a few left in the US.”
Through the campaign they have launched on the fundraising website Indiegogo, London Bridge Studio is raising $75,000 for the restoration, and long term preservation of the Neve. 
“We’re asking our community for support,” said Ott. “The importance of the Neve and it’s historical significance can provide opportunities for generations of artists to come.” 

“You know, it’s the difference between listening to an old record on an old stereo versus listening to something off of your iPod. It really suits rock ‘n’ roll. I think musicians like me are drawn to those older desks, not just because they’re legend and lore but also because they do something really specific that is hard to emulate or re-create digitally.” –Dave Grohl

For a contribution to the cause you can be a part of Seattle music’s future. There are is an exciting assortment of perks that range from a limited print “Team Neve” T-shirt, to a $15K perk in which you can have your music recorded and produced by Rick Parashar, producer of Pearl Jam, Blind Melon, Temple of the Dog, Alice in Chains and co-founder of London Bridge Studio. 
Our personal favorite perk is a name, quote or dedication, permanently engraved on the fully restored Neve for $250 (there is a limited amount of engravings available).  
For more information about the available packages and gift with support, please visit
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