DragonForce coming to El Corazon on October 8th

DragonForce coming to El Corazon on October 8th

DragonForce LIVE with Dance with the Dead and Starkill


DragonForce was formerly named as DragonHeart. This band was a project of the large part of Demoniac lineup after they split in New Zealand and came in United Kingdom.

Although based in London, DragonForce is a multinational band who plays a very fast and innovative Speed Metal. ZP Theart comes from South Africa, Herman Li from Hong Kong, Vadim Pruzhanov from Ukraine and only Dave Mackintosh and Sam Totman are english (and this last one spent the large part of his life in New Zealand).

Dance With The Dead


Starkill is a symphonic melodic death metal act from Chicago, Illinois. They were originally called Ballistika and released one demo “Immersed In Chaos” in 2009. Then they changed their name to Massakren in February 2010. Under Massakren they released one full length and one EP. Finally in 2012, they became Starkill.

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