Diversity at the Red Room, November 17th

Here’s a local show flyer I ran into. I know close to nothing about the bands in attendance, other than it appears to be a good mixture of genres including: Experimental/ Electronica, Pop-Punk, Metal, and Indie Rock/ Folk. Five bands for five dollars. Sounds like a good deal if you ask me.

Here’s a demo from Drive Thru Junkies:

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/iambillybrown/the-sloppiest-of-demos”]

Baaaaaaahhh! Bobby! Get Away from my Propane!
Baaaaaaahhh! Bobby! Get Away from my Propane!

Along with the flyer, I also present to you the facebook event page so you can “Attend” and look cool for your friends: SHAZAM!

BUT, if you’re serious about attending (excuse me if I’m a little jaded. I’ve had bad experiences with shows promoted on facebook) then all you really is to google map the directions and check out the venue. Oh, what’s this? A link to the venue information? I think so: VENUE-TASTIC!

Don’t forget your five bucks…



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