CD Review: Mts. & Tunnels – For a Day or a Lifetime

photo-originalMts. & Tunnels is an alt, folk, country, rock group out of Seattle. Their self-titled debut album came out in 2012 with songs “Bring It On” as well as “Car and Bus” and after a successful Kickstarter campaign, they just released on April 18 their second album ‘For a Day or a Lifetime’.

Chris Poage and Norman Baker met in early 2000. Both had their own projects going on. Chris Poage was touring the US, Europe and Africa with Publish the Quest and playing and writing with Panda Conspiracy. Norman Baker was constantly touring the US as a bassist and backing vocalist with bands like Ian McFeron, Eternal Fair, True Spokes, and with his own band –  Norman Baker and the Backroads.

Chris tells us: “I met Sarah and Dan around 2005 at Paine Field in Everett. There was a unique venue up there called the Jet Deck that was a hub for musicians at the time. Sarah Schmidt released a solo album and was playing house concerts and cafes and was also booking the Village Stage as well as managing the kids area for Summer Meltdown. Dan Schmidt (Sarah’s brother) was playing bass in a dark fuzzy stoner rock band called Blackout Media and still plays with The Pimpsons.”

With a broad spectrum of styles woven into these tunes, no two songs sound alike. They use various instruments including keys, ukulele and brass to craft these melodies. Lite rock ballad “Some People” has a hint of both blues and country and the song  includes a nice guitar solo. There are a few predominantly country songs on the album such as “Pictures”, “Good Friend” and “Chance” that also blend some pop and rock sounds. Duets, “Ripple” and “Light of the Moon” are pop/ folk songs that show how beautifully Chris Poage and Sarah Schmidt’s voices complement each other. Their perfect harmonies flow together through sweet melodies. That’s an important, must have with harmonizing. Both vocalists have to be tough enough to sing alone and they are. Both have very strong, polished voices.

“Farewell” with a rag-time sound and the country feel of “When You’re Out” are both fun and up-beat songs. They may make you want to bop around in your seat.
Two of the songs, “Peace of Mind” and “Next Time” include all 8 musicians, making way for a energetic jamboree of instrumentation and talent.

We asked Chris what he hoped listeners will take away from this album “I hope the music inspires people to be creative, loving and to stay true to themselves.


1. Chance
2. Trouble
3. Light of the Moon
4. Ripple
5. Some People
6. Pictures
7. Good Friend
8. Peace of Mind
9. Farewell
10. Next Time
11. When You’re Out

Chris Poage – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bari Sax
Sarah Schmidt – Vocals
Norman Baker – Bass
Kent Halvorsen – Drums
Dan Schmidt – Keys
Sandy Dickerson – Ukulele, Guitar
Katie Clayton – Trumpet
Liana Green – Trombone, Tuba

Produced by TJ Berry
Label: Woodshack

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