Angry Chair Seller admits it was a Gigantic Hoax

Angry ChairThank gawd for whoever invented the words “alleged” and “allegedly”. We bring this up because in an article we ran about a certain Angry Chair for sale on Craigslist we looked at the post with one eyebrow raised but for the sake of honesty and the fact that you can look for yourself, we almost fell for it. That doesn’t mean this guy isn’t a gigantic asshat for pulling off this stunt that fooled the likes of Spin Magazine, Diffuser and countless other webzines and radio stations around the world.

So it turns out the writer is a guy named Joe Veix who while he isn’t spending most of his time in his parent’s basement is churning out compelling pieces of journalist excellence like “Try to find the giant dildos hiding in these photos” and “Russian squirrel steals drugs from teens”….good stuff.

Well his little stunt worked and people fell for it. Layne Staley and Alice In Chain fans even went so far as to write to him and tell him why they wanted the chair. He claims it was a coincidence that he posted it on Layne’s birthday, it’s a goddam holiday around here and other parts of the world you fucking dillweed, that was not cool. People were spending the day missing and remembering him and you are going to pull some bullshit like this when they are probably not thinking right?

He claims he does feel awful about tricking the Alice In Chain fans but he doesn’t feel bad about punking the music media world. He goes on to say they should have known better and taken the time to do a reverse image search for the chair. Ain’t nobody got time for that in this race for the finish line.

Feel free to click on his article HERE where he comes clean about the hoax.

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