75 Bands in 75 Days – Day 24: Natasha Kmeto

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome, welcome, to 75 Bands in 75 Days, where we bring you the best talent that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, one day and one band at a time. Today we’re returning to the oddity capitol of the United States, Portland, Oregon to spotlight one of the most striking producers that they’ve procured, one Natasha Kmeto.

Natasha Kmeto is a singer and electronic music producer from Portland, Oregon that’s recently had a much-deserved spark in popularity and acclaim these past couple years, playing the Decibel Festival in Seattle just a couple of months ago, being named Best New Artist by Spin in May 2013, and most recently, having a front-and-centre feature on Resident Advisor.

Kmeto’s music, in its most basic form, is half alternative R&B and half downtempo electronica. Her mostly-instrumental beat music pieces will appeal to fans of artists like XXYYXX and Nosaj Thing, while her more vocal-heavy alternative R&B numbers will be sure to strike a chord with those that are down with the reverb-heavy isolated cadence of the likes of Autre Ne VeutSpooky Black and FKA twigs.

Natasha Kmeto has been working since 2009, and has had a number of releases out through labels including Dropping Gems and Federal Prism. Her upcoming studio LP Inevitable will be released through the latter label in late 2015, and we hope you’re just as hyped for it as we are.

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