75 Bands in 75 Days – Day 20: Animal Bodies

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome, welcome, to 75 Bands in 75 Days, where we bring you the best talent that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, one day and one band at a time. Today we’re trekking all the way up to Vancouver, British Columbia to share with you one of the darkest and most macabre acts that their scene has to offer, Animal Bodies.

Animal Bodies is an experimental music duo from Vancouver that began in 2010. The band takes stylistic cues from many different styles of music ranging from industrial to new wave to dark ambient to digital hardcore. The end result is a very cutting and dismal approach to electro-pop music that sounds all for the world like a collection of Soft Cell covers as performed by Fever Ray. Fans of that fleeting “witch house” sound that blossomed a few years back may want to check out Animal Bodies.

To date, Animal Bodies has had one EP and one full-length release, The Killing Scene, which came out as recently as November 1st. The Killing Scene is eight tracks of very abstract and inhuman pop music that is required listening if you’re down with very dark and discomforting music. You can purchase The Killing Scene here.

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