5th Annual Seattle Acoustic Festival Announces Lineup

The 5th Annual Seattle Acoustic Festival is returning to Capitol Hill on August 24th and 25th for an incredible, two-day event provided to the public free of charge.

In its fifth year, the Seattle Acoustic Festival (SAF) has become the largest, independent, musician-powered festival on the West Coast. And this year, SAF will be provided with no admission charge, giving audiences of all ages up-close access to some of the most acclaimed musicians in the region.

“We’ve always felt it was very important to be very inclusive to a broad audience,” according to Paul Mauer, one of the festival’s co-founders. “It’s so rewarding to provide a free festival as part of our fifth year.”

The 2018 event is sponsored by Verity Credit Union and also by the Neighborhood Matching Program of the City of SeattleAdditional sponsors of the festival include Cascadia Now! and Rain City Collective.

“We really hope that fans will support the musicians by purchasing t-shirts, merchandise, music, and memorabilia,” adds co-founder Elijah Dhavvan.

Some of the most exciting, critically acclaimed musicians of the region are contributing their voices to the 5th annual SAF, including Tekla Waterfield, Tyler Edwards, Eric Lilavois, Warren Dunes ft Julia Massey, and many more. See entire lineup on the schedule below. 



“The Seattle Acoustic Festival emphasizes an intimate, up-close musical experience, with audience members able to make a more engaged connection to the musical performances. “Our festival is unique because we provide a platform for some of the amazing intimate and acoustic artists that sometimes get overlooked by the larger, rock-oriented festivals,” Mauer adds. “SAF is based on the idea that the quiet, acoustic artists in the region can create powerful musical experiences for the audience.”

Seattle Acoustic Festival will be happening at All Pilgrims Christian Church on Capitol Hill (500 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102) on August 24th and 25th and will feature over 40 artists and bands. Get more information at the official website HERE and at the Facebook event page HERE

“For a group of acoustic artists,” says Dhavvan, “we are going to have some electrifying performances in store for the audience this year.”


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