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Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant Announces Preserve the Showbox Rally at City Hall Lobby on August 1


Check out the Save The Showbox Portrait Project HERE.

As you likely already know, news broke last week that a plan has been submitted to the city of Seattle to demolish our beloved and historic Showbox music venue.

We aren’t going to stand by silently as another cherished piece of the northwest is wiped out in favor of “progress.”

Please sign the petition below to save the Showbox in Seattle.

If you’d like to make your voice heard, sign this petition and this one too. Also, if you are a Twitter person, use the hashtag #SaveTheShowbox in all your tweets. The Facebook hashtag getting the most love is #SaveShowbox.

There is also a Facebook group specifically created to share information about upcoming actions to save one of Seattle’s treasured locations. Join it HERE.

Showbox staff have created a email address for the purpose of receiving letters of support that will help in the process of getting the building declared a city landmark. You can learn more about that process HERE. A better option is dropping the letter off in person at the venue. Explain in detail what the Showbox means to you, to Seattle and include memorable events that you have attended there.

Below is a growing list of tweets showing support for saving The Showbox from some folks you might have heard of that have played there.

Here’s a great article by legendary Seattle writer Charles Cross on why saving The Showbox is so important. Read HERE.

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