Review: Crews Deliver Emotional Garage Rock on Self-Titled EP


Creating your own sound is difficult when living in an area where musical talent spills out from every which way. Enter in Crews: a band that knows how to craft the perfect medium between garage rock and an indie-friendly calm. Originating from Olympia, WA, Crews creates a mix of their own when trying to keep the rock essence, but layering a melodic alternative sound overall. The band of five work together to conceive a mesmerizing, laid-back vibe that is becoming increasingly well-known with today’s generation on Crews, their self-titled EP, released on November 5th of last year.

When first sitting down and really listening, “Gone” became an instant favorite. The slight folk guitar played by Tom McGahern completes the song before it even starts. While the notes settle, McGahern’s gravely voice drives right in to create a track unlike any other on the EP. While not all their songs include folksy hints, they do contribute to the alternative aura familiar within local artists. In “Even Kings,” the dynamic seems a little unbalanced at some points, but if you listen closely, it all comes together.

The attributes that collide smooth out for a rock sound without being too straightforward. Standing at #2 on the EP, “Actor” is composed of captivating lyrics that pull you in and build a story from beginning to end. “You grind your teeth and you start to chew on the bitter truth you probably always knew” is an outstanding example of a lyric that drags deeper than the obvious. Similar to “Gone,” the melodious guitar wraps up the quality storytelling that should be noted by artists from all ends of the spectrum.

Overall, Crews definitely knows what they are doing and where they are going with their music. With a tease of only 4 songs on the EP, they leave you craving more and more of their incomparable sound. Riveting, raw, emotional, Crews: a band you need to get your hands on.

(Crews is available at a name your price model via Crews’ Bandcamp page. You can stream the track “Actor” below to get a sample of the EP.)

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