Why the World has Good Reason to be Jealous of Seattle

Here is a disclaimer: We know this is a music blog and we do a pretty good job of sticking to music related subjects for the most part, except during football season.

Now that the entire northwest is locked and loaded in preparation for the biggest Seahawks game in the history of the franchise, a franchise that has struggled to be taken seriously for most of it’s existence. That is not something that is unique to the Hawks though. The Mariners and Sonics all have had to face this. And yes, this game will be even bigger than the Seahawks appearance in Super Bowl 40. A game that most people(except Steeler’s fans) agree that Seattle should have won. Why is it that we aren’t taken seriously?

Not exactly sure but it could be that people are a bit jealous of the fact that Seattle and the northwest is arguably the most diverse and talented region in the country, maybe the world. Thanks to Boeing, we brought the world the ability to travel the globe on airplanes. Starbucks revolutionized the coffee industry, while Microsoft played it’s role in making computers a part of our everyday lives. Amazon continues to change the way the world shops. On a musical level, it would be very difficult to find another region on the planet that has churned out more great music than Seattle. Macklemore, Jimi Hendrix, The Sonics, The Wailers, The Ventures, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains all have left their mark on the world of music.(There’s your music tie-in) Let’s add to the equation the background for all of this talent we have. Because of the geography we are situated in some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. So there’s your reason.  The northwest rocks in a lot of different ways. #GoHawks

A lot is being made in the media about Seahawks star cornerback Richard Sherman and his animated outburst  after the epic win over the San Francisco 49ers(I fought to not call them the Forty-Whiners just now)…we’d like to present another side to Mr. Sherman. He, like many other Seahawks are students of the game. They study game film on an almost constant basis. While the Kaepernicks and the Crabtrees are out clubbing, talking trash and taking pics with their newest pimped out crib or ride, the Hawks are working. That’s why they are the best and that’s why they will be crowned Super Bowl champions.  And this will be one more reason to be jealous of the Pacific Northwest. #GoHawks

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