VIII Days Clean delivers on fourth album “Parasite”

Some bands just get it right the first time. Bands like the Ramones, AC/DC and Motorhead who plug in and instantly coax an easily identifiable sound. A sound, feel and structure to the songs that becomes irrevocably entwined in the brains of listeners. In other words, you know what you’re going to get, but if you dig the band’s sound, you’re probably not going to mind.
For VIII Days Clean that sound is a slinky metallic groove – reminiscent, yet not derivative of the early-90s sound of Seattle bands like Alice and Chains. For three-quarters of the band’s newest and fourth album “Parasite” serves up a familiar sound with down-tuned guitar and a driving rhythm section (bassist Cody Johnson and drummer Jeff Welch) that compel you move your ass, all augmented by frontman, guitarist and vocalist Ron Walvatne’s usual snarling vocal delivery (which is supplemented on this album by several surprisingly melodic turns).
The album delivers fans already familiar with the band the VIII Days Clean fix they’ve been jonesing for since their last album “Angels of Nothing.” Walvatne’s dark tales of fucked up people, fucked up relationships and fucked up situations – gloomy images which are illuminated by just the faintest glimmer of redemption and hope – dominate the lyrics of most of the songs on the album.
On Parasite however, the band does not seem content to solely mine ground they’ve already covered, as evidenced by tracks such as “Abilene” and “Poison IV” (both co-written with Case Kennedy) and the closing track “Holding On.”
On these tracks, VIII Days Clean seems intent on stretching their musical legs a little bit, forging into new territory – both lyrically and sonically – and nailing it. And the album is all the better because of it.
All in all “Parasite” delivers a satisfying mix of the VIII Days Clean we’ve come to know and love, with just enough progression to keep us looking ahead to the band’s next album. Until then though we will have to satisfy ourselves with repeated listens to “Parasite” and the occasional live rock spectacle that is an VIII Days Clean show, with Johnson, Welch and Walvatne augmented by new guitarist Gary Cooper.
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VIII Days Clean “Parasite” video.

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