Video Premiere: Lyra from Portland Folk Duo Zooanzoo

Zooanzoo is a curious amalgam of deep-swamp lore, folk chamber music, and spiraling electric fantasy.

Originally a solo project born in Richmond, Virginia, Zooanzoo is now an acoustic duo armed with minimal instrumentation. Zach Williams and Elizabeth Fagan create an environment nearing the vestige of moonlit primitivity while recognizing the comedy and chaos of their musical experience. With a combination of soulful howls, toy instruments, operatic vocals and resplendent melodies, Zooanzoo is a unique caterwaul. They recently embarked on a musical journey across the United States. 5,000 miles later, Zooanzoo now calls Portland, Oregon its home.

Lyra will be a part of Zooanzoo’s first full-length album to be released in Summer of 2016.

Watch the video for Lyra below.

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