VHS Collection Coming to Barboza on March 6th

VHS Collection is a rock band from New York City that has gained a reputation for high energy live performances and a unique blend of rock, electronic, and disco influences.  VHS’s sound featured danceable beats, heavy guitar riffs and synth lines, and dark lyrical narratives.

In the last year, VHS Collection has seen festival performances at Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, and Okeechobee, in addition to sold out club dates on both coasts.  The band has released two EP’s independently which have been streamed over 10 million times, including two songs on the Spotify Viral Charts.  VHS looks forward to releasing it’s first LP late this summer.

“Wide Awake” was the first single off VHS Collection’s first full-length record.  Produced by Chris Zane (Passion Pit, St. Lucia), “Wide Awake” is what the band calls “Dark Disco Rock.”  The track signals a refined direction for the band in its energy, lyrical themes, and sound choices.  Many of the signature themes and sounds from previous releases show up here including: New York City, desperation, arpeggiated synths and danceable basslines; but this track goes deeper with a massive guitar hook, pumped up energy, and darker lyrical themes.

Tickets to their forthcoming Barboza performance on March 6th can be purchased here.

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