Verity Credit Union’s Truth Series: Jupe Jupe


All around the Pacific Northwest, community goes hand-in-hand with music. A region’s state of culture can usually be determined by how robust its music and arts scene is, and in that respect, Pacific Northwest culture boasts some of the finest in the country. You practically can’t walk two blocks around these parts without stumbling across at least three worthwhile local acts, whether they’re found in a locally-owned music store, at one of the many reputable venues in our region, or simply on the street busking. Good local music comes in many shapes and sizes, spanning multiple genres and mixes of influences.

An exploration into our deep music culture led Verity Credit Union to put together an ambitious series in which they tap into that creative community with an array of commercials that highlight some of the most talented musical acts that this part of the country has to offer. Six esteemed local performers have partnered with Verity to perform their own take on a commercial, and the artists expressed themselves in their respective styles that have made them beloved hometown heroes. This is just the beginning, however, as Verity intends to do plenty more partnered commercials from worthwhile local acts to follow in the future.

“At Verity, we care about the communities where we have branches, and Seattle has a rich history with art and music,” said Melina Young, Director of Marketing and Brand at Verity Credit Union. “Instead of using stock music and imagery, we feature great local talent in our branding to help ‘all ships rise together’ for a true win-win experience that sets us apart in financial services.”

Between Red Jacket Mine with their bouncy, jangly indie pop, Jupe Jupe with their Britpop-esque, the stellar soul of Fly Moon Royalty  and The Gods Themselves with their raw, down-and-dirty psych-rock, it’s safe to say Verity chose wisely with their picks for this batch of commercials. Also, it’s no secret that Seattle and the greater northwest are bursting at the seams with singer-songwriters at the moment, and some of our favorites happen to be in the Verity series, whether it’s 50 Bands in 50 Days finalists The Banner Days with their larger-than-life, borderline-gospel approach to roots and folk music or recent Northwest Music Month finalist Naomi Wachira with her stripped-down, emotionally charged blues.

We see the driving force behind Verity’s “Verity Means Truth” campaign as an exciting and original way to celebrate local music, and we try to never pass up a chance to talk about our homegrown favorites so let’s talk about some the acts in this fantastic series. At the tail-end of this article, you’ll find one of the commercials that Jupe Jupe did for the Verity series, and with a sound like theirs, they were clearly an easy choice for the series.

Jupe Jupe is made up My Young on vocals and synths, Bryan Manzo and Patrick Partington on guitars, and Jarrod Arbini on drums and percussion. The four members are veterans of the Seattle and Austin indie pop and prog scenes (Pleasurecraft, The Cinematics [U.S.], Maximum Coherence During Flying).

The Seattle quartet brings a darkly cinematic atmosphere to its three releases, “Invaders,” “Reduction in Drag,” and “Crooked Kisses”–creating infectious tracks influenced by British new wave, 60s European spy films and lonely, ghost-town Americana. The band teamed up with Martin Feveyear at Jupiter Studios (REM, Robert Fripp, Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse) for two of its albums—plus a variety of renowned artists/producers for the remix album, “Cut Up Kisses” (featuring Lusine, Mike Simonetti, Rick G. Nelson, Erik Blood, Hanssen, and more).

Jupe Jupe has received regular airplay on 90.3 KEXP as well as over a hundred college radio stations across the US and Canada. “Crooked Kisses” and “Reduction in Drag” charted in the CMJ top 200 and the track “Pieces of You” was selected for the CMJ March 2014 Mix Tape.
In October 2014, Jupe Jupe played the CMJ Music Marathon in NYC and the band’s song “Love to Watch You Fall” (remixed by Lusine) was featured on the CMJ October Mixtape.

After checking out the Verity commercial below, we’d highly suggest sampling more of their music at Bandcamp and you can also find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

Learn more about how Verity is partnering up with musicians HERE.

 photo Cherry Poppin Daddies 280_zpspibhrtre.jpg
 photo Cherry Poppin Daddies 280_zpspibhrtre.jpg

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