Vaudeville Etiquette Release Music Video for “Abilene”

VE0702-650Seattle folk-rock quintet Vaudeville Etiquette have released the music video for “Abilene” from their critically acclaimed debut album Debutantes & Dealers (Sunyata Records).

The video features live footage from the band’s adventures on the road, in the studio during the recording of “Debutantes & Dealers,” and playing a various venues around their hometown of Seattle.

“We wrote ‘Abilene’ as a nod to 1970’s outlaw country,” says co-vocalist Bradley Laina “It’s a ballad of separation, struggle, and hope – about two people giving everything they have to make something work – and knowing that they won’t give up without a fight.

“The same is true for this band,” adds Tayler Lynn, co-vocalist . “We’ve been working nonstop and putting our hearts and souls into our work. This video is our virtual scrapbook and love letter to the road, to the process, and to all the people that have help us make this insane dream a reality.”

For more information on Vaudeville Etiquette, please visit their website & facebook page.

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