Triceraclops coming to Chop Suey on December 5th

Triceraclops coming to Chop Suey on December 5th

Chop Suey Presents: Triceraclops, Intrinsic Factor and Sunflower

Begun as the solo recording project of Izzy Majcher, Intrinsic Factor now includes Eamon Gaffney on bass, Dylan Swiggett on drums and Nigel Greaves on guitar. Based on organic rock songwriting, Intrinsic Factor brings in synthetic elements and samples to augment and decorate their songs, from the reversed synth intro of “Dominoes” to the recurring eerie howling and bubbling sounds of “Ghost Water”. Live, the band seeks to create a driving energy with guitar, drums and bass, combined with other exciting colors including electric piano, harpsichord, synths and even glockenspiel.

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