Touchy Feely Records launch party to commence on Friday, October 3rd.


That’s right, for only $5, you are cordially invited to the Touchy Feely Label Launch Party. It’s a show, it’s a party, it’s a launch. There are SIX bands, which, at less than a dollar per band, is a screamin’ deal. You also get a raffle ticket at the door. Woah!

Grandhorse. tigerface. Dedere. Bubble Cats. Sleep School. And Hart & Hare. All rocking out awesome tunes, all sounding good, all looking foxy, all for you guys. Also, it’s Sleep School’s record release! That’s two parties for the price of one. That’s just solid math.

October 3, at the World Famous Kenton Club. The doors open for your beautific, shining faces at 7PM. Come for the sweet, sweet tunes, linger for the excellent raffle prizes and silent auction, stay for the killer booths, and get drunk and dance because we will be pushing out the highest grade, Touchy Feely, opportunity-rock late into the night (until we legally can’t any more, at least.)

We have sick bands. We have tarot reading, we have face painting. We have all the t-shirts you can eat. We have illustrious raffle prizes and silent auctions from such venerable and respected Portland establishments as Willamette Week, Eleven PDX Magazine, Revival Drum Shop, New Deal Distillery, Citybikes Workers’ Cooperative, Riot Act Media, Paperjam Press,Bob’s Burgers (Restaurant), Banana Stand Media, Benson Amps,Saucesome, Malekko Heavy Industry, Red Velvet Parlour, The Barlow Tavern, Tiger Tiger Salon, Arnemancy, Akemi Salon, Tender Loving Empire, East Glisan Pizza Lounge, Native Bowl, and Vendetta Pdx. And more! (Woah again!)

We also have heart, we have soul, we also have tight black dream pipes on. Let’s celebrate, good times. Come on!


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