Tin Man signs to Maurice The Fish Records

Tin Man has just signed with Maurice the Fish Records!
For the past three years, Tin Man and various artists from the Fish have performed together and have been networking partners in the Pacific Northwest…it is only be-fitting that they now join this vast family of like-minded artists and partners.


Tin Man

Tin Man started in 2005 as a solo project for Rusty Parrish. Rusty really wanted to put together a backing band to flesh out his songs. After placing adds on Craigslist searching for the right people and months of frustration Rusty came upon a fantastic drummer by the name of Dave Smith who currently fills the drum chair. In late 2010 Rusty and Dave made the addition of Joy wood on Bass completing the rhythm section On keyboards is Tony T Bone C and rounding out the line up is Randy Casey on Guitar. Sounds like BoDeans, Tom Petty, The Wallflowers, or Train.


Maurice The Fish Records

Maurice the Fish Records is an un-conventional independent record label with one goal in mind…providing her artists with a platform in which they can maintain creative control of their music/vision and attain higher visibility in a highly competitive market.

The artists, staff and network partners lift one another up and work together in order to leverage their respective resources, talents and connections to share their music with the masses. Combining consistent effort, passion, love of the music industry and their individual contributions to create a synergy that is unique to an ever evolving industry.





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