Tad Doyle’s Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth Record Release Show with Lesbian and Grenades

tadColumbia City Theater presents:
Brothers of the Sonic Cloth
Record Release Show with Lesbian and Grenades

Saturday April 18th, 2015

$10 adv / $12 door
doors 8:30/21+
Tickets available HERE

Keeping up a long-held tradition of bringing forth some of the heaviest music from the darkness of the Pacific NW, Seattle’s legendary Tad Doyle (formerly of TAD, HOG MOLLY), delivers his strongest songwriting and playing to date with his newest band BROTHERS OF THE SONIC CLOTH.

This powerful trio of musicians, with Tad on guitar/vocals, veteran bass player Peggy Doyle and drummer Dave French (the Annunaki) has released their long-awaited debut LP 2015 on Neurosis’ own NEUROT RECORDINGS.

BROTHERS OF THE SONIC CLOTH bring together the collective and extensive rock histories and experience of the three members in the worlds of punk, hard rock and metal. Get the album HERE. This album is heavy as fuck and one listen will prove that Tad Doyle had a huge influence on the sound that would later be called grunge. Tad has went back to his roots for this one and further cements his legendary status as a titan in northwest music.

Recorded at Robert Lang Studios and Tad Doyles’ own WITCH APE STUDIO in Seattle and mixed by Billy Anderson, BROTHERS OF THE SONIC CLOTH’s self-titled full length consists of five immense songs, with two bonus tracks on the CD. The record begins with an ominous eruption of riffs forged from deep within the earth, with “Lava”, and continues on this path throughout; a mammoth, relentless spirit on a timeless journey. This album is as much a persistent thudding body punch of sonic destructive force as it is a thoughtful statement of awareness and the inescapable raw condition of life.

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“The cover says it all: a molten sun cannonballs into a blackened landscape, spraying lava as it careers into finality… From the first chord, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth demand that the volume dial go up as far as you can get it. A range of musical forms lurch out of the speakers – at times some of the riffs head toward Sunn O))) territory, or The Melvins at their most molasses-thick, but there’s none of the disinterest in rocking out that some denizens of guitar music’s outer reaches can sometimes exhibit.” – Digital Fix

“Powered by a droning, ferocious lower end, teamed with Doyle’s powerful vocals and guitar mastery that makes the amp appear to pulsate and throb with every note, these songs are absolutely torture to the homogenized commercial rock culture. If you like heavy, get this one.”  – Northwest Music Scene

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