STYLSS Announces New Sample Pack Contest, Cyber Monday-Exclusive Hoodie


This morning, Portland-based record label STYLSS (Stop Taking Your Life So Seriously) unveiled the details for a contest in which producers of all shapes and sizes are encouraged to produce a track of original material using ten or more samples from either the first or second of their “STYLSS Sample Packs,” in which affiliates of the label offer up their favorite samples for others to use in their own music.

The recently-released STYLSS Sample Pack – Volume Two features over 500+ favorite sounds and samples from the likes of BITWVLF, BLEEP BLOOP, ECHAVOX, GANGSIGNS, Golden Living Room, HAARPS, HEAVY HAND, IG88, JNTHN STEIN, JVNITOR, lostodyssey, Mode7, mottling, Ollie Macfarlane, ONHELL PHOTON! PVNDV, PYN & Odor, QUARRY, Rachel Cee, Roman Kov, Shmuck the Loyal, Sigrah, Sleeve, Tyler Tastemaker, and WTCHCRFT.

The winner receives one of STYLSS’ new limited edition hoodies, which are a one-time Cyber Monday exclusive, and are printed with glow-in-the-dark ink. If you’d like to participate, download one (or both) of the STYLSS Sample Packs and make a track in any genre using at least 10 of the samples from either of packs (they ask that you please list the samples used in the description on SoundCloud) and email the finished track to by Midnight PST on December 15th for your chance to win a STYLSS glow-in-the-dark hoodie. As a supplement, the track will also be featured on all of STYLSS’ social media.

You can find full details at this location. If you’d like to just purchase a hoodie and support the label without participating in the contest, you can do that here.

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