WORLD PREMIERE: Listen to Strangely Alright’s New Single “Shake It”

Strangely Alright

SA Shake It

We’re excited to be able to share with you a brand spankin’ new single from Seattle power pop outfit Strangely Alright this morning. “Shake It” is all about getting up, getting out and being who you are with no reservations. “We’re all so different, and that’s really what’s so cool,” says SA front man Regan Lane. “I’ve been taught to look for the similarities, not the differences. That’s not to say to ignore what makes each of us unique. But to see that we all have something special to give the universe and sometimes fear puts the brakes on following dreams.

“I initially wrote “Shake It” to my kids to communicate how great they are at whatever they want to be, and the lyrics just morphed into the idea that we all should never be embarrassed of or feel less than who we are and the dreams we have, nor be scared of the things that other people do that we don’t understand… And for me personally, having people who let love light their lives is inspiring, even if I don’t get where they are coming from. I guess I think we all have the right to shake it like a movie star.” …And as Sean has so eloquently said: “If you’re toying around with an idea, try it. Whatever it is, if you’re fearful, take a risk. Fuck It. Just do it!”

“Shake It” will be a free download all throughout the month of May! Continuing into the rest of 2016, Strangely Alright continues their somewhat different strategy for the band. This is their 5th single in the energetic scheme to release a new material as often as possible. Hopefully each song will be different and cool with its own unique vibe and story. And maybe you’ll like what you hear.

Stream “Shake It” below, and don’t forget to find Strangely Alright on Facebook and Twitter.

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