Steve Perry appears with Eels, could it happen here on June 7?

Ok, I’m just going to apologize up front to any true Eel fans here. I know you love your band like life itself and probably believe that everybody should be listening to them and turning out to catch them live whenever they hit town. I’m cool with that type of devotion, although I confess the only song I could name off the top of my head is 1996’s “Novocaine for the Soul.”

Right now, however, much of the buzz swirling around the band (the brainchild of Mark Oliver Everett) involves the unlikely pairing of the Eels and top-40 80s rock icon Steve Perry, the former singer of Journey.

The past two weekends (in St. Paul and Washington D.C.) Perry has appeared onstage at Eels shows, joining the band in songs from their own catalog as well as performing Journey songs.

This Saturday the Eels play the Moore Theater in Seattle (tickets $27 and available at Is another Perry outing in the works? Well, you won’t know unless you’re there (of course you can probably hear about here after the fact). At the very least you’ll get a chance to see a talented band in the Eels that have been plying there trade ably for more than two decades.

If you’re curious about the unlikely pairing of Everett and Perry, cruise over to Stereogum for a Q&A with Everett regarding the pairing.

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Shawn Skager

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