Steve Earle Treats Silver Platters Crowd to a Special Show

In-Store Promo Tour

Steve Earle

Silver Platters, SODO, Seattle, WA

February 19, 2015




Steve Earle came to Silver Platters Thursday, February 19, in the SODO district of downtown Seattle in support of his newest album “Terraplane”. This small and intimate performance allowed Mr. Earle to share some stories on the recording of this fine record.

If you’re not familiar with Steve Earle, here’s my own little backstory. I first heard of Earle when I read a review by noted music reviewer, Robert Hilburn from the Los Angeles Times, when he wrote about Earle’s first album “Guitar Town”.

“Guitar Town” came out in 1986, at the advent of the CD age. It was one of the first CD’s that I ever bought and  I remember  Hilburn touting that Steve Earle was the next artist to follow in the shadows of Bruce Springsteen as the genuine American singer-songwriter hero.

And “Guitar Town” didn’t disappoint, and is by far, a cornerstone to the Steve Earle catalog. So here we are, 30 years on, and Steve Earle is on a small platform stage in a record store, on the road promoting his newest record album “Terraplane” by Steve Earle & The Dukes.

Steve Earle has come full circle with this album, a rockin’ mix of gutsy blues and honky tonk, its just flat out some of his best work. Backed by The Dukes featuring Chris Masterson on Guitars, Eleanor Whitmore on Fiddle, Kelly Looney on Bass and Will Rigby on Drums, this band shines.

Over the past years, Steve Earle has played bluegrass with the likes of the Del McCoury Band, channeled the music of Townes Van Zandt, and sung about our country at war. Steve Earle is all about the music and on “Terraplane” he sings of the blues, Texas blues to be specific. This album is heartfelt, true to the musicians that punch it out on this slab of wax.

Earle’s performance at Silver Platters was special. A free show, where the artist was able to connect with his fans, one to one. Playing just his acoustic guitar, telling stories and having a good time. One special moment was when a family pulled out a poster, wanting to hear “The Devil’s Right Hand”, Earle asking whose idea was it? Not Mom or Dad, but the eldest son who was probably around 12 years old.

Earle performed several selections off the new album including “King Of The Blues” and mixed in several classics including “My Old Friend The Blues” and “Copperhead Road”. After the set, Earle was happy to hang out and autograph his new album and take photos with his fans. Earle informed the crowd that the formal tour would hit the road later in the spring. In either case, go grab this album and make sure you catch Steve Earle & The Dukes when they come to town. Click HERE to buy the album.

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