The Scenics’ Andy Meyers to Play The Lofi on October 13 With Colorworks & Critté


Toronto-spawned Andy Meyers and Ken Badger formed The Scenics in the mid-70s, fired up by a love of cult bands like Big Star and the Velvet Underground. Their own small pack of devotees would catch them live as possible and buy their rare cassettes as they would play out in the era of the first wave of New York bands like the Talking Heads, Television, and the Patti Smith Group. This would all go down in history as punk, but at the time, it was just everything changing and music getting better.

Meyers is coming to Seattle to play the LoFi on Thursday, October 13, with Colorworks and Critté opening, all sharing the strange, amorphous category of psyche-pop. Meyers is going to be solo but still electric, coming off the reunited Scenics’ East Coast North American Tour. Where Colorworks are known for their joyful power pop and Critté for their underground sweetness, Meyers’ material is of a darker hue but no less arresting.

“[The Scenics] filtered Lou Reed, and contemporaries Talking Heads, Richard Hell, and Television, adding Big Star’s picking power-pop funneled into early XTC’s vigor, via clipped guitars, busy, sharp-edged bass, rhythmic drums, & idiosyncratic, loopy vocals, and made it all sound uniquely theirs, which is crucial.” writes estimable tastemaker and publisher Jack Rabid in the latest issue of his legendary NYC magazine The Big Takeover.

You can find more information about the Seattle show HERE

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