Review: viaSound’s Self-Titled EP Is Lush, Emotional Acoustic Music


If someone could give you the power to fall slowly into a beautiful well, deep with mystery, and cloak you in fragile emotions, it would be probably feel like listening to acoustic duo viaSound. At times hauntingly beautiful, and poignant in delivery, the self-titled EP is rich with space and depth. Lyrically, the songs are a rich tapestry of emotion, with splashes of colored images.

This EP wavers between the melancholy found in a lot of singer-songwriter’s music and the light flirtations with pop and sprinklings of jazz. The strongest track here is “Once Upon,” lyrically reflecting current life themes and sonically the impressions you would expect from an uncertain landscape. They also deliver a beautiful cover of the old spiritual “Wayfaring Stranger,” pick up in tempo with “Later I’ll Rest” and end on an alt country-inspired tune, “Frank and the Rose.”

viaSound’s duo consists of Greg Miller and Angel Itenchi, both holding music degrees from Berklee College of Music and Cornish College of the Arts, respectively. Inspired by ferry boats, the woods and waters of Puget Sound, viaSound’s combination of his guitar and her vocals make for an enjoyable listening experience.

(viaSound’s self-titled EP is slated for a June 2016 release. Find more about them on their Facebook page, and their webpage You can stream opening track “Once Upon” below via SoundCloud.)

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