Review: Megabreth – ‘Ultra High Noise’

Megabreth, a duo from Portland (aka Dylan McConnell and Eric Mellor), have advertised few nuggets about their brand of skull-fuzz, garage tinged, Farfisa organ battering. Despite intentional anonymity, Ultra High Noise (released on Cassette Day 2017 courtesy of Field Hymns Records) is sure to convert anyone looking for an electrifying jab to his or her workweek.

“Ride’em All, Kill The Lightning,” detonates this addictive tape and showcases a raw, taut, ‘not gonna let up’ band aimed at making smiles while you head bang in your never quitting 96’ Honda Civic. “Butterfly With Mullet Wings” wields a cheery synth-pop melody, accompanied by a drum set getting bludgeoned and bass played in the blackest of caves. “Crazy Talk” begins like a Saturday jam, but with guttural drumming, stout heavy bass, feedback squalls, and distaste for gentle endings. Megabreth seems interested in hard-hitting riffs to demo a house to, not accompany you on the worthless training you call a workout.

As evidence by most of the song titles, McConnell and Mellor pay homage to sci-fi thrillers and musical and cultural flagships from their youth. Talking pop culture and your favorite tunes is perfect beer drinkin’ fun, but being able to play and write music in a similar vain, as explosively and creatively as Megabreth do, is unmistakingly difficult. Even after a half dozen listens, I’m convinced Megabreth hid Easter eggs I may never basket.

“In The Mouth Of The Realm” is the latter half centerpiece ripe with doom, gloom, and bubbling Moog that operates more like a caldron spewing bent rainbows. At a generous six minutes, varying melodies shine through, attaching to the heavy bend of crashing cymbals and image of a wicked ogre stomping the shit out of whatever emerges below the underbelly.

Ultra High Noise occupies a galaxy of power whether McConnell and Mellor are igniting space-rock, metal, technical lounge, or syncopated Farfisa organ to transport your rocket ship into the nearest nebula. The fret board workout, woozy synth zigzags, and youthful drumming rouse anyone looking for an onslaught to chase. Just be sure to wear a mouth guard if you do.

(Listen to ‘Ultra High Noise’ below via Bandcamp, where you can also purchase it and you can get more info about Megabreth on Facebook HERE.)

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