Review: Ichi Bichi Churn Out Pop-Punk’d-Out Goodness with ‘Girls on TV’


Slap on some pink camo, giant eyelashes, and shred your fishnets stockings for this fun flower punk album from Ichi Bichi! Girls on TV is a deceptively easily-digestible album. These pop-infused tunes have thought-provoking lyrics, which could easily be glossed over, just by listening to the coquettish delivery of Reiko. Emotive, angsty, and provocatively forward, Ichi Bichi delivers groove, sweet bass lines, guitar prowess, and solid drumming.

In a genre known for being more attitude and less musical finesse, the members of Ichi Bichi excel at both. Reiko’s delivery is spot on and evocative. John’s guitar solos are quite excellent for a genre that isn’t known for having great solos. The bassist, Scott, really shines by layering on some deep grooves and having some serious chops in his bass lines. Deep. Yeah, I know!

Girls on TV starts off ripping through tracks like “Pas Ta” and “Poetic Justice.” It continues on its pink punk flower power through “Girls on TV,” but about halfway through “Not You,” the album begins to switch gears. It develops into more of a groove-oriented feel and steers away from the punk feel of the album. The song “Sunshine” really kicks into overdrive with its driving force; it’s a great tune, and it’s filled with warm, sparkly love.

On the way out, “You Don’t Get It” hits you back up with some good straight-up rock punk love and vocals that are cheeky, which hit you square in the face! Girls on TV wraps up with the bonus track “Baka,” which could easily be a track on a Ramones album. It’s hard, fast, and wraps up everything about Ichi Bichi. It’s good raw emotion from a female perspective that anyone can relate to.

(Girls on TV is a self-release from the band. You can get it on CDBaby, and sample the LP via SoundCloud below.)

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