Review: My Goodness – Shiver + Shake

Shiver+Shake_(500x500)My Goodness is a Seattle rock band whose 2014 release Shiver + Shake fuses a variety of sounds that make this album special.

Singer Joel Schneider (The Absolute Monarchs) with his strong, solid voice and his distinctive vibrato, reminiscent of Jason Ross of Seven Mary Three, is able to add something to the songs that few vocalists can attain and he does this beautifully. His guitar work is awesome too! The very talented Andy Lum (Craft Spells) on drums and the recently added, Cody Votolato (Blood Brothers, Telekinesis) on bass, completes the rock trio.

This album covers a wide scope of genres. With some heavy rock songs like title track “Shiver + Shake” and “Cold Feet Killer” that both have an exciting punk rock sound to them.  “Hot Sweat”, “Check Your Bones” and “Pay No Mind” have quick tempos that rock you hard and fast, with powerful vocals and a lot of badass guitar fingering.

Rock songs “Back Again”, “Say You’re Gone”, “C’Mon Doll”, and “Hangin’ On” have a fun energy that gives off a “Let’s party!” mood. “Letter To The Sun”  has a rockabilly sound to it, making it unique on this album, yet it fits right in.

Soft  poetic love song “Lost In The Soul”, with Schneider’s voice, an acoustic guitar and an orchestra of strings, is a beautiful composition.  Also in the ‘soft’ category is “Bottle”. I can hear the longing in his voice, from deep inside his soul. It’s very alluring.

The song “Sweet Tooth” is what I’d call power pop, made up of both a pop and a punk rock sound. Power pop is among rocks most enduring subgenres and its traits are displayed by North American bands such as Gin Blossoms and The Posies.


Song List:

1. Shiver + Shake

2. Sweet Tooth

3. Back Again

4. Pay No Mind

5. Hangin’ On

6. Check Your Bones

7. Cold Feet Killer

8. Letter To The Sun

9. Bottle

10. Say You’re Gone

11. C’mon Doll

12. Lost In The Soul

13. Hot Sweat

All songs are written by the band.


They are currently doing shows in the North West.

Show dates:

February 5th in Seattle @ the Tractor 8:30pm

February 6th in Portland @ Hawthorne Theater 8:00pm





Tracy Salsbery

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