Review: Cozy Slippers — ‘Late Night In The Summertime’

Cozy Slippers

The release date of Seattle indie-rock group Cozy Slippers’ new EP may be in the winter, but the record looks forward to late summer evenings, and will have you looking forward to them too. Called Late Night In The Summertime, this EP radiates pleasant and carefree vibes that will make you feel the warm summer sun no matter what season you listen to it in. The release date for Late Night In The Summertime is March 16th, and you definitely won’t want to miss it.

Cozy Slippers’ sound is a unique mixture of influences from many different genres. The straightforward vocal style contains 80s girl-group nostalgia (think The Go-Gos), and the simple, somewhat haunting guitar instrumentals are reminiscent of the sentimental riffs of The Smiths. All of this different inspiration comes together throughout the five tracks on the EP as something fresh and new.

The clean fusion of the guitar, bass and drums is extremely satisfying to listen to; there isn’t too much going on in the background, but there also isn’t too little. The upbeat instrumental perfectly compliments the interesting vocals provided by Barbara Barrilleaux and Sarah Engel. The Cozy Slippers’ sound wouldn’t be the same without either of their voices, as they beautifully blend together in pitch-perfect harmonies throughout all their songs. The equality demonstrated between the two vocalists is a key factor in what makes Late Night In The Summertime so captivating.
Despite the upbeat melodies that Cozy Slippers showcases in most of their tracks, the lyrics are ridden with deep, darker lyrics. For instance, the first track off of the EP may seem like a happy-go-lucky surf-rock jam at first, but the lyrics describe a plea for help following the loss of a Volvo-but is the Volvo a metaphor for a lost lover? The words leave lots of room for interpretation, and the contrast of lyrics to melody keep you interested every time you listen.

Late Night In The Summertime successfully infuses elements of rock, pop, surf and nostalgia to create an EP that will make you want to go back to it again and again. Don’t forget to give it a listen on it’s release date, March 16th!

(You can listen to “Stolen Volvo” below,  pre-order the EP on Bandcamp  and get more info about Cozy Slippers on Facebook HERE.)

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