Review: Clinton Dogger Mullins Lets the Music Breathe on Latest Collection ‘Alien Abduction’

Between the opening hypnotic notes of the first track, “Nine,” on Alien Abduction, to the final notes of the 10th track, “333,” is a landscape of creativity from one of the hardest working young musicians of the South Puget Sound area. Indeed, “Nine,” a song in 9/8 timing carries a notion of an exotic place, possibly unearthly. “From the Stars” takes the notion of alien landscape even further with sound effects and a creepy, ethereal vibe.

Clinton Dogger Mullins, having recently graduated from The Evergreen State College with a degree in music, performance and songwriting, said he plans to release one new disc each year. This is his third since 2015. He calls it passionate, real life, energy music.

The title track brings humor with laser guns and foil hats, as does “Super Dave,” cloaked in a heavy tune about a flying super human who mows lawns. There is so much happening inside these two songs, something new rises to the top with each listen. By the fifth song, Dogger reveals his real singing voice in “Voice of Reason” and “Hanging on Like a Cigarette,” both conversations regarding personal situations any person may encounter.

Overall, the diversity of styles packed into these 10 songs is refreshing. He lets the songs breathe and takes his time and he doesn’t shy away from discord where he feels it necessary. As prolific a songwriter as he is, I suspect it will be a long time before this young man runs out of things to say or show us. Joining Dogger on this disc are Sean Curkendall on piano, bass, keys and sound effects and Drum Master Jay on percussion. Mastered by Branden DePriest, Dogger recorded and produced it in Lacey and Montesano.

(You can listen to Alien Abduction below via Revernation, purchase the album on CD Baby  and get more info about Clinton Dogger Mullins at his website HERE.)

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