Review: Câlisse’s Ambitious, Singular ‘Farewell Blacksheep’


Part nerd, part prophetic harbingers of epic post-indie-rock, Câlisse destroys the senses and blasts through space and time with their opening track, swirling around you in a fury that leaves you breathless, confused and ready to hit repeat once you hear the last tones of their debut album, Farewell Blacksheep. Somewhere between the common EP length and the all-too-self-indulgent full-length album, Câlisse edges out a record that is ambitious as well as audacious.

Spinning that first track, “Overture,” initially I was horrified that I might have stumbled upon some ambient noise porn that would make me puke. I was wrong. This is a portal into an alternate universe where dolphins swim through nebulas, octopi walk hand in hand in hand, and the lost, the forlorn and the sad find a place where they belong.

Balanced between lo-fi indie rock tracks and ambient noise porn tinged with pop sensibilities, Câlisse might be the answer to the ultimate question, “Where did all the creative music geniuses go?”

All in all, there are heavy, driven tracks like “Wanted,” paired next to the otherworldly “Omnibrain” and stirred with the heavenly “Holy Ghost.” It’s hard to believe this is a debut, but then again, if you know what you’re doing, you know what you’re doing.

Evidently, their producer felt that and signed Câlisse to his record label Almabrain. Câlisse’s roster includes James Collette, Kevin Hoffman, Rob Iggulden, Karen Moore, and Morganfield Riley.

(You can find more about Câlisse and purchase Farewell Blacksheep at, including a limited release of vinyl. You can stream the track “Stay” below.)

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