Review: A Whole Lot of Love from The W Lovers on Self-Titled Debut


Do you pine for the music of Loretta Lynn? The familiar call of a pedal steel guitar? Or yearn for smooth country harmony? Those old albums that spoke of simple life, a bit of rebellion, love and heartbreak? Look no further, The W Lovers‘ self-titled full-length album, The W Lovers, is rife with the country shuffle rhythms, songs of lovin,’ dreamin,’ and yearnin’. Between the silky smooth harmonies and Fleur Wood’s rich voice, The W Lovers serve up a respectable debut album.

If you’ve been following this husband and wife duo for a while, you’ll find these tunes penned by Fleur and Wesley Wood to be familiar. The W Lovers opens with “Canyon Wind,” a nice ditty about love and good imagery, where you can almost envision yourself standing on the edge of a canyon and feel the breeze. The next song that really caught my attention was “Middle of Nowhere.” This song really invokes the harmonies of past decades, which seem to be lost in most modern country music. “Moonshine” adds some interest with some harmonies and melody that channels moonlit nights, wild spirits, and a touch of danger.

The W Lovers really capture a classic sound with their album. It’s good, but I feel there’s something missing. In a lot of that old classic country there’s at least one song that defines heartbreak and loss, and that song doesn’t live on this album. There’s a bit of rebellion, there’s the simple life and a whole lot of love, but not much heartbreak. We should all desire to have a life as full of love as The W Lovers.

(You can purchase The W Lovers on all the usual suspects: iTunes, Amazon, etc. Check out their website for music videos, shows, and divine photos:

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