Red-Hot Nikki Lane Wallops Tractor Tavern Crowd

Nikki Lane


Concert Review: Nikki Lane

Venue: Tractor Tavern

Date: May 1, 2015





So I have to admit, I had never seen Nikki Lane before. I had heard some of her music on the Outlaw Country channel on Sirius a couple times when I had a car rental out of town. I also got a sampler download from New West Records and heard the song “All or Nothin’”. I then downloaded a couple more songs, “Right Time” and “Wild One”, and I’ve been hooked on this up and coming country rocker ever since.

Then I began to look her up through all the various social media outlets, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and she has built quite the following and it is well deserved. Nikki Lane is kickin’ it, selling out shows and playing festivals around the country.

And her performance at the Tractor Tavern was no exception as a sold out crowd packed the place to hear Nikki Lane and band. I was excited to see and hear this new talent and I’ve got to say, she blew the door out.  Upon hitting the stage, Nikki Lane pounded out rockin’ country tunes that had everyone dancing, singing, and whoopin’ it up. There was a nice cross section of folks taking in this show and everyone was rockin’ out.

For me, it’s fantastic to see and hear a rising star, and Nikki Lane is fast becoming one of those musicians that will be gaining more and more listeners. She has stage presence that demands attention. When you think of the Americana Outlaw Country genre, there really aren’t that many female artists currently out there that can pack a wallop.

If you haven’t heard of Nikki Lane before, be warned, she is the real deal. After the show, when I went to thank her for her performance, she gave me a hug and thanked me for being there, and I even got a kiss on the cheek, WOW, made me feel pretty giddy!

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