Red Curtain Rocks with Pop-Punk Trio Quickie

Seattle pop-punk band Quickie noticed a spike in views of their infamous “Bikini Barista” video earlier this week. “Over 12,000 new views in the past 3 days,” says lead singer Lou Trez. “That raised a flag. So I did some digging and discovered that the Chinese media have been reporting on the Northwest’s Bikini Barista phenomenon… and including our song and video as part of the discussion.”

Apparently the video, which includes actual Cowgirls Espresso baristas, is too racy for China Times broadcasters like Chung T’ien Television “as is.” The girl’s various revealing costumes have been pixilated. That’s just fine with the band. “We are getting such a kick out of it! It’s a fun, catchy song and it obviously has legs… no pun intended. I mean, the numbers keep growing.”

To see the news-story from China Click here:

Here is the original “Bikini Barista” video:

About Quickie:
Quickie is a 3-piece pop-punk band from Seattle, Washington. Quickie’s songs have been featured in the shows “Parenthood” NBC, “Vampire Diaries” CW and in the movies “Our Lips are Sealed” featuring the Olsen Twins , Shafted, and Repli-Kate starring Alli Landry and Eugene Levy. Last September they played a world-record 44 shows in 1 day.

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