Quickie frontman challenges wanna-be super villain Rex Velvet to step up and leave ‘evil ways behind’

Lou Trez, QuickieAs if battling run-of-the-mill criminals and hooded Anarchist rioters wasn’t enough for Phoenix Jones, now the Emerald City costumed crusader is facing threats from wanna-be super villain Rex Velvet.

In a recent video challenge, Rex Velvet threw his hat into the ring as a potential nemesis for Phoenix Jones, vowing to rid Seattle of his costumed presence.

“I will not back down from you Jones until this city is rid of you,” Velvet said in his video message. “I can recall a time when I could leave this lair and conduct my duties proudly and without distraction, but now he’s out there along with his silly gang of misfit power rangers disturbing the peace. Now our city is protected not by our once respected police force, but by a tormented, delusional freak in a mask. For far too long we’ve watched as our nation buys into its tireless charade, and it’s run its course. It’s time to get real Jones. The community would be better off without you. You must be stopped once and for all.

Phoenix Jones seems unconcerned by the challenge, however he responded to the video taped threat.

I looked him up, Phoenix Jones said. He’s actually just a wedding photographer who made a funny video. If he was a true super villain I would be more interested because at least I would have something to do. Right now it’s like a war of social media and I have better things to do with my time.

For Phoenix Jones supporters Quickie, who just released a video of their song Phoenix Jones, a paean to the guardian of Seattle, the appearance of Rex Velvet is an chance to challenge the opportunistic villain.

My feeling is the guy makes a lot of noise but isn’t stepping up, Quickie frontman Lou Trez said.
Trez added that Rex Velvet, who is reportedly a wedding photographer by day, should chip in and use his real world skills to benefit the Purple Reign Campaign a charity that seeks to aid victims of domestic abuse. The campaign was started by Phoenix Jones’ crime-fighting partner Purple Reign.

Why doesn’t Wet Velvet just step up and donate a wedding photo package to the Purple Reign Campaign and just put aside his evil ways? Trez said.

Shawn Skager

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